Wired & Wireless Networking

Wired & Wireless Networking

Wired & Wireless Networking  computers ready to “talk” to each other, it might be time to setup a new Computer Network at your home or business office. Perhaps your electrician has already installed Computer Data Cabling, in which case it may make sense to use a wired Computer Network for the bulk of Computer Network Connections on your network. On the other hand, Wireless Networks are extremely popular these days and can be used instead of or in conjunction with network cable based networks. Our experts at setting up and configuring wired and wireless networks, including all types of router, switch and wireless access point configurations.

Having a properly setup and reliable Wired & Wireless Networking is critical for many reasons, amongst these are ensuring that client/server applications continue to work reliably, Wired & Wireless Networkingthat your internet browsing works properly as well as your email. File Sharing and Printer Sharing also need a functional Computer Network. Not only is a working Computer Wired & Wireless Networking necessary for so many vital functions, but you may wish from time to time to add a new Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, Business Workstation or Server to your network. We can help you with this as well, since we can setup and grow your Computer Network in line with your home use or office use requirements, whenever the need arises.

We are prepared to get your network up and running, including:

  • Setting up a wireless network
  • Sharing files across devices
  • Remote access solutions
  • Internet connection setup and repair
  • Network firewall setup to secure the connection

Our Experts have a lot of experience working with Wired & Wireless Networking accumulated over many years working in Computer Network environments at our Client’s homes and at Business Offices throughout Canberra. We look forward to helping you install, maintain and grow your Computer Wired and Wireless Networks. Please give us a call if you require Assistance with Networking or for any other Computer Repairs and Computer Services requests.


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