When downloading software

Always be sure of the source of the file / software. If you are unsure of the nature, don’t run or open it, and if already installed on your system, delete it. Not all software is bad, however files / software may contain viruses which damage your system. If you download torrents or illegal content, you may already have been infected by viruses/spyware already, without your knowledge.

When using on-line banking

Make sure you are not being re-directed to a fake site. When logging into your bank account there should be a https prefix at the start of the domain name; ie, this means it is an encrypted and secure web page.

Make a regular back up of your computer data

Backing up your data should become a regular task! Most computers contain backup software that can be scheduled to start automatically. Additionally, store your backups to a USB stick, USB Hard Drive, CD or DVD, or an external drive if you have one

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