Remote Helpdesk

With your consent we ask for your credit card number which we bill after the job is complete. We then guide you through a safe & quick download where we are able to connect to your computer.

1.Whilst we have you on the phone 

We run through the repair remotely while you watch. You always have overriding control of your mouse and keyboard, and you can end the screen-sharing session at any time. It’s SAFE and SECURE. When the session is finished you will be advised of the cost and your card will be charged, an invoice will be emailed to you outlining the work that has been performed in the remote service.

2.What if the problem isn’t fixed

If the problem cannot be fixed remotely, there is a minimum fee for the remote login. You have the option to either bring the machine into the workshop or have an on-site technician call out to your home and office where we deduct the initial minimum fee should you proceed with the repair. The service technician will advise what will suit best.

We will ensure your credit card details are safe; none are ever kept on file – they are deleted after every call. The Teamviewer software is used industry wide and is very safe secure software

Not all problems can be accessed and fixed this way*.

You must have internet access on the computer you need us to log into.

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